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    I tried the amazing brand new theme and after a while I noticed something strange: the images alignment. Instead of following each other until the max width and then changing line, it’s one image with its line. See here in the bottom of the post:

    I changed alignment (center to none etc) and it persists so I guess it’s a coding issue. You can also confirm this; I attached a link to the image and the link area it’s clickable all the width within the image’s height through. So I concluded that, basically, what is happening is that no matter what kind of width the image has, it is somehow taking the max value of width and not the image’s width.

    I don’t think this was intended, such troublesome thing. I hope you can fix it as soon as possible. Hope I was of some help and again, thank you for the spectacular theme, WP Theme Team ^^

    The blog I need help with is



    More info (hope it helps)

    Those images, on the previous post, that have a link attached are not hosted on WP, and I noticed this problem didn’t happen in the ones I directly posted in the blog, see example here, in the bottom:
    And the last 2 on that post are linked and still not clickable all the width like the others of the 1st post, so I guess the issue has to do with pictures already hosted (that not WP).


    I can’t confirm what you’re saying. The images show up in a column in your post because you’ve set their alignment to None. If you set it to Left, they’ll show up in a row.



    Ah, you’re absolutely right, it is that. It’s odd because I think on my previous theme they were correctly in a row… Ah, so sorry for the trouble. I still find a bit strange the fact that align none does that… I mean the full width and not the image’s.
    Anyway, I’ll sort it out, sorry for replying this late and thank you so much for pointing that out for me =). I apologize for my injury to the theme :<

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