Modularity Lite: Image in place of text for title?

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    The Modularity Lite theme uses a text title in the upper left corner. Is it possible to replace this text with an image? If so, how?

    The blog I need help with is



    The best way to achieve this is with the CSS upgrade if you can figure out the code to use. It is possible to use inline CSS in a text widget to place an image above the existing link but this will break or cause issues when either the browser window or the text size is changed.


    I might consider paying for the CSS upgrade to do this, but how difficult will the code be? Or better yet, what exactly would I change to achieve this?



    Add in your image URL and set the specific height and width values in pixels and the code below should work. You can always test the CSS privately before deciding to upgrade.

    #masthead h4 a.logo {text-indent:-999em; background:transparent url("IMG-URL") no-repeat; height:IMG-HEIGHTpx; width:IMG-WIDTHpx; display:block; float:left;}
    #masthead .description {float:left;}

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