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    I just went to check my blog and I noticed, on one of my latest posts, the preview images (at the bottom of the post) were no longer resized. I thought this was odd, so I went to check the code and yet the width and height are still the same (of the resize). I resized again and the problem persists.
    Afterwards, I went to check another post and the images were no longer resized either. The same thing happens in all posts that contain images that I resized (all the ones under Synopsis, Manga). But I also checked another one were the resized images were aligned center and it doesn’t have this issue (though no image rows just one). I’m puzzled now…frown

    The latest post mentioned is this one with the resized images no longer resized:
    The other older entry mentioned where it happens is:
    The post where the resized images are unchanged (ok):

    I’m pretty sure, at least 4 days ago I can guarantee, the images weren’t like that and I didn’t update, so I guess it’s some bug or so? If you could solve it as soon as possible, it’s a bit troublesome :< Hope I helped

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    I believe I see what you mean but can’t help. If the code is there and it’s not happening and that does seem to be the case as you have provided a detailed account of, all I can do is refer you to Staff with your bug report.
    Best wishes for a quick fix. :)



    Ah, thank you for replying and confirming it!
    I’ll do as you say and report it.
    Yes, hopefully, and thank you once more for replying ^_^



    Thanks for reporting this.
    I verified the situation and reported it to our theme team.
    We’ll keep you updated!



    Hi, I have the same problem. I use WordPress 3.0 and the theme Twenty Ten.



    If you use WordPress 3.0 you are in the wrong forum and need to be at WordPress.ORG instead.


    The update is in! This should be resolved now with Modularity Lite.



    Solved! Thank you so much everyone ^_^



    I believe I’m having a similar issue, although it doesn’t seem that the update has taken affect on my page. I’ve resized all of my images, but for some reason on the top image (under “latest”) seems to be cut off here:

    Is there anything I can do to correct this? Or do I need to report the problem as well?

    Any information is appreciated :)

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