Modularity Lite – Making one footer widget span full length

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    I’m trying to add a fairly short disclaimer to the footer of my site, but instead of it being a small column and having the text wrapping around multiple times, I would like for it to be center aligned and spread out to cover the whole width of the site’s content (I don’t mind if it has to wrap at least once due to the amount of words, but I want it to basically be a single large column). In addition, I would like for the “Blog at…” link after it to be centered as well. Is it possible to do this with the Modularity Lite theme?

    The blog I need help with is


    Actually I’ve decided to create a page and add it to my navigation bar instead, please disregard.



    Just in case you want to try it out still here’s some code you can add to your custom CSS:

    #footer p {
    #footer p:after {
      content:"Some more text that you can enter yourself.";

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