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    So I have this problem , I can’t find out how to remove the Pages from displaying above my header , near the Home button.I want to like my pages one by one using image widgets.Thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    Please see to Hide Pages from the Navigation Menu >



    Yea , I still cant do it.But thanks anyway


    With the custom menu, you create the menu with no pages in it, a blank custom menu and then assign that menu to the primary menu location. I just did it on my test blog and no menu shows.



    Yes , but I have my Categories in Custom Menu , because I didn’t like how my old categories turned out.And this theme tells me it can only display 1 custom menu.So if I delete the one I have now , and do one with pages , I’m afraid the categories will show up there instead of the pages.I tried to do two custom menus , but the pages still appear above my header.And I dont know why , even if I dont have pages widget they still show up.


    Create a custom menu and only put the categories in it and make sure you have that menu with only the categories set in the primary menu location, and make sure and save the menu and make sure and click the save button in the menu location module as well. It works, I just did it on my test blog.



    Yeah , it worked.Thanks Sacred.Now I’ll have to redo my categories , hope to god they don’t show up there like the pages.



    As expected , the categories show up there , instead of the pages.In conclusion , on modularity lite , you can’t have 2 custom menu’s in the sidebar without one of them showing above the header.But I’m happy if pages aren’t showing , I’ll do categories with normal widget.Thanks for , @all thx for the help.


    You can set however many custom menu widgets as you wish in the sidebar and have different things assigned to each. All you have to do is create the menus and then assign them to the different custom menu widgets. If you want pages at the top navigation location, you can have that, or if you want nothing showing at the top you can have that also. This is the beauty of the custom menu feature. You are in complete control.



    I know you can set how many custom menu’s you want.That’s the first thing I’ve tried , to make one.But in order to hide the pages completly , you must use only 1 custom menu.The one you told me to try , blank with nothing in it.The moment I create another one , with categories or whatever , or add something to the blank one , it shows up above the header.And I don’t want that :)


    “This theme tells me it can only display 1 custom menu”. That applies to the header, not the sidebar.

    Appearance>Menus: select the blank menu from the dropdown in the Theme Locations module, save.
    Appearance>Widgets: drag a Custom Menu widget to Sidebar, open it, select the categories menu from the dropdown, save.

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