Modularity Lite Slideshow – Big Problem – Glitch?

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    I’ve searched and searched for an easy answer to this but have found none:

    When I started my site, I read about Modularity Lite and came across this:

    • Optional slideshow on blog front. [*] Displays images from your front-page posts, at 950×425 pixels. (If you use the feature, make sure your images are in those dimensions, otherwise they’ll be distorted or cropped. Note that you needn’t concern yourself with all the images you upload and/or insert into each post: the slideshow takes the first image you upload via the “Add an image” button of the post editor.)

    So, I made a few test posts with some images in them. It worked as expected. The non-cropped images were auto cropped or stretched to fill 950×425 pixels and images I precropped to that ratio looked great.

    Then it was time to take those test posts down and put up real posts in preparation for launch.

    When we took the tests posts/pictures down they disappeared from the slideshow as planned but when we put the new posts up no new pictures loaded. If you go to the site you can see clearly that we have pictures in all three of our posts and only one picture is working as expected.

    I understand that Modularity Lite only takes the first pictures from every post but we have 3 posts live and only one picture in the slideshow.

    There have been some other very odd things that the slideshow has done but at the moment this is the only demonstrable one.

    I contacted WP support about the problem and received a form letter that appears to have nothing to do with Modularity Lite’s slideshow:


    Thanks for writing. I see several pictures in your media library. If these are the pictures you would like in the slideshow, you will need to attach them to a post first. Please go here for specific directions on how to do that:

    If you are creating a new post and inserting pictures at the time of post creation, make sure to add a title and save it at least once before trying to insert a slideshow.

    Once the pictures are chosen for upload, please make sure to “Save All Changes” after the images are selected, then click “Insert Slideshow”. More information can be found here:

    Please, please help.

    The blog I need help with is


    The ML slideshow doesn’t take the first images inserted into the front-page posts, it takes the first images uploaded via those posts (in WP parlance, “attached” to those posts). My guess is that the images in your first and third posts had already been uploaded to your blog (via your test posts), and you now inserted them by clicking the Add an Image icon then clicking the Media Library tab instead of re-uploading them from your computer. You can go to Media>Library (dashboard sidebar) and check the “Attached to” column to see if the images are attached to the right posts or not.


    Wonderful! Thank you. It was all a matter of vocabulary All is working now.

    Thank you so much!

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