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    I’ve been trying to set up a photography blog using the newer Modularity Lite theme. I was having issues with the top image being displayed being auto-cropped, so I resized all of my images to the standard 950×425 px, and now not only is my top slideshow image still distorted, but Modularity Lite also chose the fourth image in the blog post to display, when the theme’s current settings are supposed to take the first image in the blogpost.

    Any info on this would be appreciated. I feel like I have been battling this lovely theme and have been losing :(

    The blog I need help with is


    a) Your landscape-shaped images are 639px wide, not 950px.
    b) “First” means first according to the order they were uploaded and inserted into the post, not according to the order they are displayed.


    I am having the same problem ! Panaghiotisadam can you take a look at mine ?
    All my images in the slideshow ALL show distorted horribly ! Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong, or what I should change to make all my pictures show as they appear in the blog post .


    As my post on Modularity Lite says, the slideshow displays images at 950×425 pixels. If the images you upload and insert into your posts are smaller, they’ll be stretched to fit; if they are larger, they’ll be cropped to fit.

    So you should either upload images in those dimensions, or put up with the distortion/cropping. If you want images displayed correctly no matter what their dimensions, you can deactivate the theme’s slideshow, create a sticky post, upload and insert some images into it, and use the standard WP slideshow.


    How do I find out what size of pixels my current images are that is currently already on my page ? If they arent the correct size, then can I just upload those photos in Lightroom or photoshop and change the pixel size > save > then upload them again to my wordpress blog ?


    Yes, you can use any image editing application to examine and change the dimensions.

    But the images you have uploaded are at a resolution of 300dpi, which is just a waste of storage space. So you should first make copies of the images you want to upload to your blog and change their resolution to 72dpi.


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    I opened up my logo in photoshop and went to >Image > Image Size > then I changed the width and height for pixels. When I put 950 in for the width, and then automatically changes the height to 613. But if I put the height of 425 in first, then it changes the width to 659 pixels. Why is this ? I cant get it to allow me to keep it at 950×425 pixels


    That’s in order to preserve the width to height ratio. If you uncheck the option “Constrain proportions”, then you can change height and/or width independently, but that will distort the image. To create images in specific dimensions, you need to use Image > Canvas Size as well (for cropping).

    But this is a WordPress forum, not a Photoshop forum.



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    i’m having the same problem with my new page as previously mentioned. i’ve re-sized the image to 950 pixels wide, expecting the slideshow to crop the images but it’s now cropping and stretching… i’m happy with the crop (although i’d rather be able to select where it was cropped) but i dont want it to stretch… how can i prevent this?


    By uploading images that are 950px wide AND 425px high.

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