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    I’m using Modularity Lite theme.

    Quirkiness abounds. Can anyone help?

    1. Links on pages are white (matches font color for the there) with no underline. No one can tell it’s a link.
    2. Links on the side bar under Topics are blue (no underline which is fine) but it’s blue and you can tell it’s a link BUT…
    3. Links under Member Websites in the same side bar are, again, white with no underline. No one can tell it’s a link.

    I tried changing the font color and underlining it as regular text. No dice. Doesn’t work.

    Am I missing something here? Your help is appreciated!! :)

    P.S. I know enough HTML to make changes that way.

    The blog I need help with is


    I’m going to tag this thread to have it moved to the themes forum so that one of the theme team can respond. There are some serious inconsistencies in how links in widgets operate and how links are presented in pages vs posts.


    Hi pasnwpa. Modularity Lite’s links are designed to forego underlines and instead use the light blue that you see throughout your site.

    Links on your pages look fine on this end: I see blue links, which is normal. Links on the sidebar are also blue, which is normal.

    Your sidebar links are a very light grey by design. You can certainly change this via CSS with a Custom Design upgrade. As it stands now, though, fear not that your site or theme has a problem. The theme was designed the way that it shows on your site. All the best.



    Can you fix me help me fix my website that was build in wordpress the home page was change now it is all miss up.



    There is no blog linked to your username and you did not post a link to the blog in question so we cannot provide any help. Please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog you need help with and we shall see what we can do.

    Also to be crystal clear on this you have posted to the support forums where we provide support only for free blogs from and being free hosted by If you are referring to a self hosted install you must post to as we run on different software and themes with the same names are coded to run on either multiuser software or on self hosted installs. vs. The Differences



    It seems the original question has been answered so I’ll mark this as resolved.

    If you are still looking for help and if this is the right place to get help after reading explanation from timethief, please make a new post with your question.

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