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Moka theme css customisation help - sidebar

  1. Hi
    Please can someone advise me.. Im totally new to wordpress with no experience or knowledge of how css works. Ive always been a blogger girl!

    I have moved my blog to wordpress and purchased the Moka theme and the customisation option so am able to make changes to the css of my blog - HOWEVER I am utterly hopeless!

    I need to widen the side bar as my site title is cut off and the date/time is overlapping the title.
    I would also like to move my social media link widgets to the top of my sidebar under my blog description - and also add a photo of myself in between the two.

    Please could some explain to me in idiot proof terms how to do this please. My blog is

    Thanks in advance! :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I see you moved this to the right forum before I answered. I'll paste my answer here as well just so we are having the conversation in the right place.

    To widen your sidebar, add the following code into your css editor: (from your dashboard click appearance>customize and then from the customizer click "CSS" in the menu on the right)

    .admin-bar #sidebar-wrap {
    width: 30%;

    I would need to be able to tinker a bit to figure out your other two requests, and Moka is a premium theme, so I'm not able to do that. However, premium themes include assistance directly from the theme designer here:

    Good luck!

  3. Thank you, that's really helpful.
    I will spend the day having a play around today :)

  4. It worked! My sidebar looks so much better, Thanks again!

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