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Momfog: Raising 5 Kids and Trying To Stay Sane

  1. Stay-at-home-mom trying to remember what it's like to be a normal human being whose life doesn't revolve around Spongebob Squarepants. I want to read books with no pictures or watch movies with no animation or talking animals. Can I do it? Not if my kids have anything to say about it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. get them to bed early so that you have free time for yourself , or else get the people with the white coats in

  3. I am already a phantom of the night. I lose a lot of sleep, but it's worth it to keep my sanity.

  4. ah 2 phantoms , i'm never in bed before 2 am :) keep sane

  5. Making adjustments to your scheduled "Me Time" is important in maintaining sanity.
    I have many trophies to enjoy now that my kids are all grown and out of the nest!
    Many wrinkles on my face....each is triumphant little trophy, representing many hours of lost sleep and worry.

    Best Regards.....from an Empty Nester....Hallelujah, I made it....

    and you will too!

  6. @seaofblogs , the wife and i made it the house was free of kids great , then i took a heart attack :) :) but now we have grandkids coming and staying , theres never a break :)

  7. @harrythehandyman: I was looking forward to the time when my kids left the nest. I will still be relatively young. I completely forgot the grandkids angle. I have 5 children. If they each have two kids...oh boy. I don't even want to think about it.

  8. and just think when they all phone on the same day , " mum we are calling to-morrow " , just lock the house and go out for the day :)

  9. People say that before you know it, your kids will be all grown up. I never believed that, because when our four daughters were small it seemed we'd be tied to the house forever. They're grown now, and it's like we blinked and everything changed. Stick with it, roll your eyes at the tough stuff, and love the rest! John

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