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momfog's house BURNED DOWN --this is not a joke

  1. Momfog's house just burnt down -yesterday. She and her family and pets are all alright. I'd write but her blog tells it all. A very inspiring woman...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. :( :( :(

  3. :( :( :( too

  4. How dreadful! I'm so glad they are all okay. I'm off to read the blog now.

  5. habituatedbuddhist


    my thoughts are with you!

  6. It's a terrible situation, when you've lost everything. But I'm glad her family and pets were ok. Best wishes again momfog.

  7. Prayers with you momfog. If there is anything any of us can do to help you please let us know!!!

  8. Sweet jesus. Thanks for posting the news!

  9. oh my gosh!! I havent seen the blog post yet. Oh no! If its for real, my prayers will be with you.

  10. I really appreciate your thoughts and prayers everyone. We are doing remarkably well and I have so much to tell you! Things are crazy right now but look for updates either tomorrow or the next day.

    Seriously, I'm floored by all the responses. It means so much. Thank you!

  11. Do I know anyone that can juggle a husband, 5 kids, a fire, and find time to blog?

  12. Gods should know their limits... Sometimes, they are way too much drunk and act like a spoiled brat...

    Happy to see you again, momfog...

  13. Lovely update it is too!

  14. hope all is well momfog! sorry about your home

  15. momfog, I admire your strength and courage. So many would have handled this much differently, but you realize that everyone is ok and that's what really matters.

  16. Things couldn't be better, considering. I've got some exciting news!

  17. AWESOME! Congratulations.

  18. Wonderful news!

  19. I'm baaaack. A non-fire related post. There's only one small mention as it pertains to cake decorating. I did three cakes this week amongst the chaos of moving and getting ready for a trip. Maybe not the best idea....

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