Monday Disappeared from weekly stats!

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    I run a blog hosted at (, though I don’t think anyone particularly needs to see it to understand this question):

    Naturally, like everyone else with a blog, I’m addicted to looking at my blog stats. And I frequently check both the daily stats (how many hits today compared to the prior 30 days), my weekly stats (ditto but comparing on a week to week basis) and monthly stats (month to month totals). As it happens, my blog is set to start the week on Mondays and end the week on Sunday. So every Sunday night when it hits midnight in Greenwhich time (currently 7pm in EST where I am), the weekly stats starts counting page views for a new week.

    Except, this Monday (December 31), that didn’t happen. It counted up to 1380 hits for the week of Dec 23 to Dec 30 and then simply froze throughout the day of Dec 31. It didn’t start counting for the new week until Greenwhich midnight for the start of the new year. So the “weekly stat” for the current week at the moment claims that I have 666 hits so far this week– but that is incorrect. That only seems to be counting Tuesday, Wednesday, and today (165 + 292 + at the moment 209 so far today … which by the way is MUCH higher than usual for this time of the day so I’m in the middle of a heart attack here). The total for this week SHOULD be 852.

    By the way, as far as I can tell, the monthly total for December seems to be okay. It’s only the weekly stat for this week that seems to have lost Monday. And, no, Monday was not added to last week (in case that wasn’t clear)–it simply disappeared.

    Any clue what’s happening or why, or how I can get this fixed?



    12 hours later and still no feedback from anyone … has no one noticed this thread, or are others simply too perplexed by this to know how to respond? I would like for my weekly total for this week to include the stats from Monday (as it should have) if anyone has any advice.




    Stats issues like this have to be dealt with by staff, so your best bet is to contact them directly. Have you already done so? Support won’t re-open till Monday now.




    I’m probably at fault here. I’ll have a look at it and see what I can do. I hope it’s not too much of a problem for you ;-)



    I found it. We were using the calendar year rather than the ISO week year, which places 2007-12-31 in week 2008-01. Thanks for the bug report!


    Thanks for the fix, andy! I checked and it seems to be working properly now!

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