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    Hello my name is Anjalika Shrivastav and I have an WordPress site learn with anjalika. I wish to upgrade it to business plan and will then only add content on it. I just want to know that after upgrading to business plan my sites will be immediately eligible for word ads and I will be able to generate income immediately and very early or it will take time. I need money and I have chosen and it’s business plan to get immediate monetization benefits where as everyone chooses and blue host platform which need a lot of time for monetization where as I don’t have that much patience. Please reply as early as possible.

    The blog I need help with is


    WordAds will work if you upgrade to the Business plan, or even the Premium plan.

    where as I don’t have that much patience.

    Note that you will need many thousands of visitors to your site (from the right countries) to make enough income to even cover the cost of any upgrade.

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