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    I am new to blogging and would like to make money while doing something that interests and inspires me. I paid WP to change the blog’s address from ‘’ to ‘’ I get a decent amount of hits per day and my application to WordAds has just been accepted. However, I am now learning, that in order to actually profit, I may need to actually go about this differently. In order words, use a web host, purchase the domain name on a site like “GoDaddy” and then do the installation of “” I am honestly confused and seeking out guidance because I know that by having to use WP as a host and server I can’t use GoogleAdsense and the like. So essentially:

    1. If I stayed with what I currently have going for me, what other forms of ad/affiliate links can I use, which ones are recommended?

    2. Having done what I have done–is it worth the effort, time and money to actually go buy a domain name, move my blog to BluHost, so that I can then profit better?

    3. If I go with number 2–and make the aforesaid changes, do I need to know css code to make posts, insert pictures and the like?

    Thank you,

    Any information would be highly appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is



    First of all, you should know that most blogs created and optimized specifically for monetization actually lose money, once you factor in hosting costs.

    1) none at all. If you do, your blog will be suspended. The ONLY exceptions are for original artists, authors, etc, who are selling their own wares off their blogs. Occasionally a review site can use an Amazon link, but not in every post and not in the sidebar. Really, if you want ads and affiliates, you want to leave.

    2) I can’t answer this without knowing what kind of traffic you have, and what kind of blog. Do you have a clearly defined, desireable demographic of readers? Do you have at least a thousand views a day? If so, you’re attractive to advertisers. If not, then no.

    3) no, works almost exactly like You can do what I did, which is get a free theme and just start blogging without tinkering with so much as the background colour, or you can go nuts with theme hacking, whatever you want. But you are always responsible for security, backups, and making sure your stuff is up to date: plugins, themes WordPresss, etc.

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