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    I started a WordPress blog to publicise my book Kakadu Dreaming. I am now getting over 1000 hits a day, but not selling many books. How can I make some money from the blog to cover expenses. There’s lots of feedback that viewers like my blog and want me to keep blogging. I’m thinking of starting a newsletter, but I need to make some money from it.



    This is a very wide open-ended question and not appropriate for this forum which serves to help people with technical issues.

    I recommend you check out ProBlogger and other similar sites for tips and information on how to use a site to help generate customers and community. You will find that the key to making money does not come directly from your site but from the networking and promotion you do off your site. The site serves your fans and those already familiar with your work.

    Please note that the Terms of Service are very specific when it comes to advertising.



    Hey there chrisdeacon02.

    My suggestion would be to find out what your reader/subscribers are willing to pay for.
    Either by analyzing the comments you get and/or
    putting up a survey with questions that determines that.

    The answers from the survey will determine how you would approach your readers.

    Hope this helps a little to get you started.

    Take care

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