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  2. i have seen so many online entrepreneur and they are making really a big hit in their industry.
    i have downloaded some of their free reports and i was inspired.
    i hope i had the chance to be like them too.

  3. there are lots of people now a days who want to be free in their life- free from debt, hard work and so many.. but few people know solutions to these problems..

  4. Want to be free? Live in a smaller space, use less, buy less, re-purpose and recycle more. You won't need as much money, and you will have time for the important things in life, all the things that don't require you to buy more stuff. F*%k Capitalism!

  5. There is no logical escape from Capitalism, especially not what you mentioned above. That's just living a modest lifestyle and I think that's great.

  6. Pardon me for having spoken emotionally and overly generalizing. I consider myself a recovering addict of consumerism. Capitalism (as it is generally practiced in my country) depends upon economies driven by buying and selling, including a large percentage of products harmful to our existence including weapons, fossil fuels, leisure expendables and artificial financial services. It works directly by controlling people through debts required in contract for non-essentials.

    The escape is to change the nature of the game, instead of playing by the rules of the system in place. One easy, effective way to begin is to voluntarily orient yourself toward a daily refutation of the habit of acquiring any material thing outside of your nutrition. If you buy less, you don't need to make as much money and it releases you from having to be (or assist others in being) entrepreneurial. That's the euphemism I reacted to initially. Over-generally speaking, I think the world of business is morally diseased.

  7. My apologies I think my comment came out a bit snappy but I love the whole debate around Capitalism, and you seem to know your stuff-I salute you for that sir, many make ignorant comments unfortunately.
    I agree with your philosophy on buying less and beat the system but we need the system for a certain stability and growth. It does however, from time to time totally screw the country over which is most likely the case now!
    I personally cannot see any opposition to Capitalism which would be any better, by there's time.

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  9. @joejames93
    I am with invisiblewmikey. Capitalism took a dive when democratic governments were so ill advised as to give corporations the same rights under law and individual human beings. The "capitalism" you refer to no longer exists. It was replaced by "corporatism".

    The economic model we have embraced is the “3 legged stool” (economy – environment – society) is a faulty model. The ground for all is the environment and humans are an integral part of it. Without it we have nothing – no economy – no society. Yet so many have bought into the faulty model that I cannot help but despair for our planet, our generation and generations yet to come.

    Democracy isn’t working because we have adopted a faulty model. We expect our “leaders” to demonstrate the “three pillars of good decision making” ie. balancing social, environmental and economic concerns. What we fail to recognize is that the environment, of which we are a part, is grounds for all.

    We have established governance that only allows the true stakeholders – citizens of earth – to participate on the fringes of decision-making in a very superficial way. Corporate kings shape all government decisions. The result is that we are living in times of violent corporate assaults being waged against earths’ ecology and against humanity.

    The invasion of the environment is as real as that of any jackbooted army. The conquest of the environment for profit at any cost will continue to erode democracy and has corrupted the role of governments and international trade organizations. They act only as agents and promoters of amoral transnational corporations that are rapaciously devouring the earth’s resources and polluting the planet that must sustain us all.

    Until we recognize that the crisis in the way we humans govern ourselves is due to viewing ourselves as being separate and apart from the environment that sustains all, no real changes will be made.

  10. Hey Thanks a lot, got it all set up now!

  11. You're welcome.

  12. BTW I also have very strong views on the subject of equating money and success. We’ve been conditioned to think that the best way to motivate ourselves and others is either through fear of punishment or through external rewards such as money and fame. Money can be a powerful motivator, but as studies performed by universities around the country (and this video) explain, rewarding people financially only works to a point. Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

  13. @timethief I'm with you on that the world is a mess-up place and that money rules, which is a very negative thing. I'm just intrigued to know what people think is an alternative to our Capitalism, and would the people 'in power' ever want to make that change possible? I highly doubt it.
    A major problem is there are too many people today who worship money and let immorality dictate their lives, getting them into serious debt etc. Easy to say, hard to do but people need God not money.

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