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Money on WordPress

  1. guyz. they say we can make money online just by making our blogs/websites viewable by many people.. anyone who's got an idea how to get some cash flowing frm the counter?

  2. Well, no. It doesn't actually work that way. I blog for a living and you don't get paid for views; you get paid for advertising to your viewers, which is against the Terms of Service here and will get your blog deleted.

    So just concentrate on blogging, not on being the next Bill Gates through SEO and MLM.

  3. I really want to make some money men. Do you advertise raincoaster? What's your average profit monthly from blogging eh?
    Money money money. . .

  4. If you are looking forward to make money, then I advice you to find suitable blogs and certainly not WordPress as raincoaster mentioned, as it's not in favor of Terms of service. Try programs like Google Ad Sense and related advertising schemes.


  5. thesacredpath

    And unless you are getting tens of thousands of hits a day on your blog, don't expect more than a McMeal and perhaps a designer coffee per month off of it.

  6. What do I advise someone who is looking to get rich?


  7. hahaha. That's what raincoaster says coz he wants to get all the money himself. I've viewed your website. I've seen cool features in it. Those blogs all yours?

  8. You know what? I make zero from

    If you want to see how much money you can make from blogging, go register a blog at Blogger and see how much you make.

  9. if u live in asia,thers a particular org tat pays pple to blog..

  10. And doing that will get your blog deleted on sight. Don't risk it.

  11. i would rather blog as my outlet for stress from work than adding pressures and anxieties on me just to make money out of blogging.

  12. ok thanks guyz. aint you gonna give me some comments? mwahhahahaha.

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