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    Could anybody help, which is the minimum size for an image in the Monotone theme? thanks



    There isn’t actually a minimum size for the image. You can use images as small as you want. The layout width will be a minimum of 560px though.



    In Monotone, vertical photos are displayed at 560 pixels, even if they are uploaded wider than that. For horizontal photos, display width seems to be 840 pixels.

    If your photo is wider than those dimensions, it’s being resized on the fly for display in the browser window. If image clarity is important to you, keep that in mind before uploading your photo. Regardless, always insert the photo into your post at full-size (not medium) to avoid having it resampled as well.

    Everything I learned about photos, resizing, resampling and the new image uploader, I learned here:

    It would really, really be great it if would create a FAQ for Monotone. Please?



    Thanks for all the tips.


    Yes, PLEASE FAQ’s for Monotone. Here’s my question. I started a separate page to post a specific series of images. When I go back to view the site, there is no indication that there is any other page available. No widgets to indicate links to same.

    Also, Tags and Categories do not pull up the posts related to specific topics. They go to other Blogs in those topics!? I want someone to be able to click on “Black and White” and pull up everything tagged or categorized as “Black and White”.




    @morthanenough-if you click on a category or tag on the Post, it will take you to the category/tag pages. However, if you select a Category from your own Archives page, you’ll get thumbnails of all the images in that Category from your blog.

    As far as I can tell the only Pages available on Monotone are the Archive and About pages. No other pages and no widgets. If these things are important to you, then please let Support know by contacting them during working hours via the Support link in your Dashboard.


    thanks jennifer! I would also like to know if there is a “click to enlarge” function on Monotone.



    I don’t believe that there is. It requires making the image into a link, and links are stripped off images on Monotone. I already tried it. Just post the image full-sized, or if it’s so big that even Monotone won’t take it, make a text link just underneath, saying “click HERE for full-size” or something like that. Text links work.



    The whole idea in Monotone is to post the image at full size. Of course, “full size” now is, as tsp wrote, “full size for the theme” which means the width dimensions I posted above.

    If image clarity is important to you in your images, then resize and resample your image in your editor of choice before you upload it. Otherwise you’re depending on either or your viewer’s browser to do that for you, with predictable results.

    Good reading here (not just for Monotone users):

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