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monotone: main post image disappearing sporadically

  1. Curious if anyone else is seeing this .. For the past week, the image on my main page disappears occasionally. In its place is a blue ? mark, both in the post itself and if I look at the archive page or go to the media library. It is gone for a while - sometimes an hour, sometimes hours - then it shows up again. Sometimes it stays, sometimes it disappears again. I actually thought it was just me but someone left a comment today to say that they couldn't see it, and hadn't been able to see a bunch of images this week - and someone else confirmed this - so apparently it's not just me. As an example, it was fine at 6, but then people couldn't see it at 6.30, and now it's back.

    Anyway, I'll report it to support tomorrow, but I was curious if others are seeing it as well. I've seen this happen before, but when it did, it would occur for multiple images, not just the one main image.

    Monotone theme, if it matters.

    It's fine now,

  2. I have seen a vanishing image on the Monotone theme, although I never got a question mark, just an empty space. I think it has something to do with their tinkering behind the scenes; on my About page, the image never did show up until suddenly a few days ago, there it was. I'd forgotten I had it there.

    When I look at your sourcecode, I can see an image of four dogs just fine, but it's not visible on the page for me.

  3. Ah! I think it might be an issue with the file name. That underscore might just be a problem. Try renaming the file on your hard drive, then uploading it with the new name and putting it in the post instead of the existing file.

  4. no underscores?! man .. I'd have to redo a ton of images if that's the case! thanks - I renamed two of the files and re-uploaded and will keep an eye to see if that's indeed the issue.

  5. I found that rule .. don't know how I missed it. I was renaming all my photos up until a few weeks ago, and then I got lazy - and one of my cameras puts an _ in the file name. I'm going back and renaming all the affected files. Odd that it's a sporadic disappearance, though, if the file name has issues - seems like it would either work or no ..

  6. Agreed. But you're expecting the internet to work logically. Drop that expectation and save yourself a lot of time!

    Glad to hear it's now working for you.

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