Monotone- max image size before the vertical surround colour is gone?

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    what’s the maximum width before the ‘surround’ colour isn’t on the right and left hand side of the photo anymore?
    I know the following but that doesn’t answer my question:
    What is the layout width for posts?
    The layout width is dynamic and depends on the image used in a post. The maximum layout width is 804 pixels (for horizontal images) and 560 pixels (for vertical images). Anything bigger will be shrunk and anything smaller will stay the same size. Monotone will determine the width based on the post’s image and will display the correct image size to fit in the layout.

    The blog I need help with is


    I have the same problem. I size ALL my medium format photos to 800 px wide and some of my uploaded squares are full-size and surrounded by the matching colour, and some are shrunk and have colour only on the top and bottom. I would like them all full-size, and as they are all 800px wide, I would like to know what I am doing wrong…
    Thanks in advance!

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