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  1. For some reason the new Monotone theme is not showing the photos I have uploaded, and also it is staying black...

    Any help with this?

  2. Really, how do we do it ? I can't get it either :(

  3. It's sup post to match the color of the photo
    and I don't see any photos on your blog

  4. Ok I started a new blog today to use this
    theme and I'm having problems with the
    theme matching close to the color of
    the photo... The photo i'm referring to
    doesn't have black in it but the theme
    is black....

    photo URL i'm referring to

    this photo has the correct theme match (Example)

    Blog URL (not link to my user name i have 2 blogs)

    Also here is my earlier post but in the wrong topic
    so I'm posting here

  5. I have the same problem. OK, I do have a lot of B/W- photos, but even those containing a lot of colours have a black background. Help, anyone?

  6. @DutchKids

    Game HQ, I am having the same problem, and my photos aren't even showing on it... Wierd.

    because the theme came out today
    I think that there is some bugs they
    need to fix like all new things that
    they add to *cough Like The New Dash Board cough*

  7. Yeah I'm wondering the same thing. All of my backgrounds are coming up black regardless of what is in the photo. I tried posting things with large amounts or red or green but everythign comes up black. Anyone heard anything else on this?

  8. same... everything i tried shows up just black. ill try waiting a day or two.

  9. Mine did that for a little bit when I first loaded it, but it's working fine now...


    Same here. Either black or another neutral color even though some photos have a definite predominant color.

    Another problem I've just run into is that while I'm uploading my photos at 1024pixels on the long side and indicating to insert the full-size image, up until now Monotone has resized the image to the theme, which is of course OK. On my last post, however (Cat Nap-future post for tomorrow), the full 1024 pixel high image is being displayed and breaks out of the Container. I've tried changing it to display the medium post, deleted and then recreated the post, but the same thing happens each time. Don't know what's going on in that post.

  11. D-oh! That should have been "changing it to display the medium-sized photo" and not "medium post".

  12. While I realize this design has no widgets, it appears that extra pages also do not show. I did a page for my blogroll and it's useless. Ayone else having this issue?

  13. The only Pages available on Monotone are the About page and Archives pages.

  14. I'm also surprised to find you cannot make the image itself link to an external site, like the site you got the image from. I suppose this is hardwired because it's designed for original photographers and artists, but what I'd like to do is make a photo contribution site and link the contributed photos to the sites of the people who submitted them. Like lolcats, but linking to the other sites. Anybody found a workaround?

  15. Yes add your links in your post thats what I do
    you'll see that I posted related articles
    it should work the same way by just putting the link
    to the site you would like to link to...
    Altered Art

  16. Mine didn't show the arrows, so I was confused, but of course I only have one post so far! Duh.

    The Possibly Related posts include:
    * Cockmeat Sandwich. LMAO

    Charming. And right up to standard. I'm leaving them on for now, but might take them off soon.

  17. FYI I have just discovered a HUGE roadblock to Operation Global Media Domination:

    The Monotone theme does not support Social Bookmarking Buttons as we can use them here, ie a link to an image. The problem, of course, is the images. Only can make an alteration whereby we'd be able to use those wee icons, otherwise we will be stuck with text links, eg Post To Facebook, Post to Blinklist, Post to Digg, etc.

    This is a serious glitch for some of us ambitious types. Any more elegant workarounds occur to anyone?

  18. Update if you're previewing your photo post it will show
    a black background and when you publish the photo post
    the background color will change to match the photo... :)

  19. Not here, gamehq. I still don't see any change on the majority of pages on my Monotone blog even after I publish. They stay neutral shades of gray or black or as near to black as to be black.

  20. can you please provide a URL to your
    photo blog starting with http://

    your welcome to check mine out so you
    can compare your blog with mine and see
    if there is something your missing when
    publish.. :)

    Here is the Link» Photo~Sharp

  21. correction sorry about that
    here is what i'm trying to say..

    can you please provide a URL to your
    photo blog starting with http://

    your welcome to check mine out so you
    can compare your blog with mine and see
    if there is something your missing when
    you publish to your photo blog.. :)

    link above this comment in the previous

  22. I see your photo

  23. P.s. Is most of your photos
    Black & White?

  24. Hello mazhik,

    I see your photo

    Who's photo are you referring too?

  25. Sorry gamehq-didn't see your reply. My Monotone blog is

  26. Thats ok justjennifer,
    I checked out your photo blog and the
    colors are displaying correctly is it maybe
    the color is off a little on your monitor??

    Because I see blue and dark red and
    many other colors just fine it don't
    appear gray or black to me...

    P.S. great photo blog!!! :)

  27. Thanks gamehq. :)

    At first I also thought it was my monitor gamma, but since it's adjusted for both my image editing programs, probably not. Since there's really not much you or I can do about it, this is pretty much an "academic" problem. But, again, thanks for your time and input. :)

  28. I see black and grey until this post:

    Using ff

  29. Your welcome justjennifer,

    sorry I couldn't come up with a better answer...

    @ raincoaster,
    When I checked out the link you provided
    the background color was a lite grey...

  30. It was tan for me using FF

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