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    I like the Monotone theme. I use it in

    But some possible improvements:
    1) Make it possible to add widgets (in a one column format UNDER the picture?).
    2) Make it possible to make the comments fields less obvious (maybe part of (1)).
    3) Navigation to pages apart from Archive and About.
    4) An option on the Archive page to see all posts (not just this year’s).

    The blog I need help with is



    Just so you know, changes are almost never made to themes once they have been introduced at, because of the multi-user platform. For every person using the theme who wants it changed, there will be at least two who would be annoyed by the change.


    rosclarke is right, it is difficult to make html changes to themes once they are established at because people have written Custom CSS which depends on the current setup or they have come to rely on the current layout. Suggestions are always good though, I am quite fond of the Monotone theme. If we can make improvements without disrupting the current layout, then it’s something we would consider. The designers are currently working on theme improvements as well as adding new themes. There are so many great themes out there. I can’t wait to see which new ones get added!



    Yes, I noticed when a theme had its column dimensions slightly altered, there were cries of outrage.

    I could get by with just the option of adding widgets. As I understand it, the default action when no widgets are defined is to show the stuff the original designer wanted in the “sidebar”. (That is, with no widgets, which will be most Monotone users setup, show Monotone just as it is now with extensive comments area; else replace everything under the < > icons with the widgets that the user specifies.)

    No layout changes are needed, by me at least.



    There will indeed be some updates to Monotone and some nice surprises. All of your suggestions have been heard. :) Thank you for your patience! More is on the way.



    I, too, am wanting to modify the default archive layout to show all posts (or a specified category), not just the current year. I’m on the hunt for some CSS to do this. The sooner I or you can find or code in a solution, the better.



    I love Monotone but just want to be able to add ‘random’ to links on top (archive, about) and possible ‘categories. Can I do this with CSS (I’m very new to wordpress).



    I would have liked to use Monotone too – couldn’t there just be a Version 2, so as not to disrupt existing users?

    Things I’d like added: Tag List on the archive page, an archive which shows post titles not just thumbnails, the ability to post more than one image per post.


    @macroland: You can post more than one images per post if you insert them as a gallery.


    i’m thinking of changing to Monotone theme from Hemingway theme because i don’t like the way it only displays 12 months of archive…but when i previewed the Monotone theme i found out that it only display a single photo even though that particular post has more than 1 photo. Are we able to put more than 1 photo in a single post with this theme?



    Thanks staff, I look forward to the coming updates. Right now, using tags in Monotone seems a bit pointless as I can’t seem to bring up all posts with a specified tag. This is possible with categories, I realize. If I’ve missed a functionality that makes assigning tags more useful, please let me know!



    My Monotone site is more or less defunct, but still active. I’ve also noticed a few oddities lately. I turned off commenting to avoid having to deal with comment spam, but there’s no way to insert a contact form on the About page. The form box doesn’t show up, only the Submit button. I ended up enabling the comment box on the first entry only.

    Also on the Archives page, which seems to go by year, if you don’t have a recent photo, clicking on the Archives tab brings up a 404-Not Found error. I redated my most recent entry from 2008 so that it wouldn’t occur, but there should be a better way to access the archives.

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