Monotone Theme seems to have changed slightly

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    Suddenly, there seems to be a one-pixel vertical line down the right hand side only of the posts in the above blog. I can’t swear to it not having always been there, but the lack of symmetry is sure grating on me now. I would prefer it not to be there.

    The blog I need help with is



    Sorry, I thought the software was going to add the blog ref automatically (it asked me which blog I was talking about). It’s:


    I don’t remember if the line used to be there either. But notice that you don’t get the line in pages such as this one:

    So the reason is probably that you have uploaded images too wide for the theme. Images in Monotone are supposed to be framed by the colored backround around all four sides. If you’d like that, try uploading resized copies of your images no wider than 800px. If you want framing above and below only, try 900px. (That way you also save uploading space and loading time).

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