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Monotone theme stopped working?

  1. I have a photoblog at I use the monotone theme like so many others, and for a few weeks things were going great. The theme acted as expected, however as you can see in the posts I made in the last week, the colours do not change. I am rather perplexed. Title text colours seem to be changing but the actual boarder is always white.

    I upload my pictures to and simply click the "insert picture into post" link. I don't believe my method has chanced since I started the blog. Anyone else experiencing something similar? This is most likely some sort of user error on my part, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. If you do a forum search for "Monotone" you'll see there are half a dozen threads on the issue already, and staff are aware of and searching for a fix for this.

  3. Anyone else? There are lots of threads on this, has been repeatedly reported to Support, and this is the latest we've got from staff:

  4. I just asked in IRC. We'll see if any staff are on. :-)

  5. Sorry for the duplicate thread, but thank you greatly for the information. I searched the forum but my long complicated search did not result in this information. I need to subscribe to KISS more.

  6. Just got an email from support. My blog with monotone is working now. Everyone, check yours! :-)

  7. All should be well now. Please let us know if you still have any issues. Sorry again!

  8. All working perfectly here. Excellent, thank you greatly!

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