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  1. Weird i'm also using Firefox
    I have a laptop with a 15inch flat screen
    and I also have a 17inch flat screen I
    plug in to my laptop and the 15inch is showing
    "lite grey" and my 17 inch screen is showing "Tan"

  2. o_O

    That photo's background is always been light gray for me.

    What are you seeing for the background on "Grow", which for me is, shudder, lilac?

    (Don't get me wrong, I <3 lilac, just not on that photo.)

  3. I'm seeing a medium lilac purple
    I see lines in the photo that are the
    color of the back ground... :)

  4. curvy lines you'll have to adjust your eyes to see them

  5. OK, those are shadows from the wheat.

    When Matt posted about Monotone in the April wrap-up, he mentioned that Monotone does its magic best when uploading BIG images. Which is fine except that image clarity suffers with all the resizing being done by your browser and/or wp. So my choice is to now resize my photos in an image editing program before uploading.

    FWIW-the early photos on my Monotone blog were uploaded larger than display size. They're just as screwy as the new ones.

    Well, it's like I've said before, the way Monotone determines the background color for a photo remains a mystery to me. It's not something we can do anything about so...(shrugs). Thanks for your time gamehq and rain.

  6. Hi,
    Do i need to use the svn client to download the theme files from ? Because, i downloaded all these files through right click > save link as...and uploaded everything into the themes dir. I got theme installed, but facing following problems -
    1. Archive, About, Comment links give a 404 error
    2. How do you guys configure a home page (which always shows same START screen?)

    Also i wanted to know if there is anyway i can add more tabs apart from About and Archives.

  7. For instance while submitting a comment, i'm taken to And all i see is some html code. Also i dont see wp-comments-post.php a part of the theme dir (i have wp-comments.php). Any ideas? Howz it working for you guys....will appreciate your help
    my site (still transferring from blogger) -

  8. You're in the wrong place. You need to head over to for help with self hosted blogs.

  9. disposablerose

    I doubt the guys at will know anything about Monotone as it hasn't been officially released for You would be better off contacting the theme designer:

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