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Monters Around Town

  1. Hello WordPress,

    A while back I did a blog posting about an interview with the a monster, and I was thinking that I could possibly make it into a multi-posting series of interviews with monsters.

    I don't know many good monsters myself so I was hoping I could go to the community for a good potential list of monsters! Anyone or anything would do!

    Thank you!

  2. What kind of monsters are you looking for? I've always been fond of the monster from Alien.

  3. The monster from Alien wouldn't be a bad idea.

    Preferable ones that can't or don't talk, and have unique qualities that could be made fun of. :)

    The first one I did was the Blob, if that helps.

  4. ahh ok. If you wanted one that talked, you should try Herman Munster

  5. "Preferable ones that can't or don't talk" You were on track the first time! :D

  6. The inability, or unwillingness, to communicate verbally on the part of said monster could make the interview and awkward one. Have you considered questioning a Predator through sign language? I have it on good authority that they love to wax lyrical about their luxuriant dreadlocks.

  7. strawberryindigo

    Instead of using tired old used up monsters, how about making one up to suit your needs? If not, Zombies have been known to give good interviews. Perhaps Bigfoot or The Loch Ness Monster would do? Maybe The Devil himself ? How about the Cookie Monster? You could pay him for the interview with cookies.

  8. I'm with Strawberry. I would write my own monster. ;-)

  9. I agree, create a new one!

  10. @spideron

    I've had interviews with Monsters who don't talk in their movies, but are end up being quite vocal and intelligent during our interviews. haha. Like the Predator idea...

    @Strawberryindigo: Cookie monster!

    I could create my own monster. Haven't even considered it... yeah, it could work... it wouldn't have the history of other monsters, but I guess I could allude to it in the interview...

  11. How about The Thing (the John Carpenter version)? It's a bit of a shapeshifter though, so you may have trouble interviewing all those personalities. And of course, you'd have to be sure you haven't become The Thing yourself. Take a blood test.

  12. @pienbiscuits

    Yes, THE THING! Great one, man. I already got some ideas flowing....

  13. I can be a monster and often called it interveiw me I dare ya

  14. How about the flying spaghetti monster? Could bring up some interesting theological issues...

  15. @remeberthisstuff

    That's a great idea! I'd love to make fun of some monster loving Atheists!

  16. *blushes* I had a great idea yay!

    I have an upcoming post about zombie movies, too...

    Remember Monsters In My Pocket?

  17. Thanks for all your suggestions, everyone! And for now I'd like to give a special thanks to pienbiscuits for the inspiration behind my 2nd monster interview post!

    The Monsters Around Town: Meet the Thing

    PS: It's quite silly.

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