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Month, date and time box in Publish box has stopped functioning

  1. The Publish box has a month, day and time box that allows you to schedule blog posts. It has a sudden serious defect. It is unreadable. The month, day and time are smashed together and I can't even access it to change anything. Help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am also having this issue, though it seems to be something to do with using Chrome as my browser.

    Here is a screenshot of the issue.

    I have had some luck using Firefox to schedule posts in the meantime, but I'm wondering why it's changed all of a sudden?

  3. christinamacpherson

    Sorry I cannot help, lakingsnews. But I am having exactly the same problem - cannot cahnge the time and date of posts - when I try - just makes a mess

  4. Update: same issue with Safari browser < arrows are blocking the actual number box again.

  5. I had the same problem while using Safari. :-( I hope it doesn't persist - I schedule all of my posts!

  6. Same problem here....I schedule all my posts as well and the new 'select' boxes are blanking out the numbers....very frustrating....I have taken to saving as a draft to see whether schedule time is right before posting....please WordPress, change it back to what it was before

  7. Guys, get this sorted. This is so annoying! I can't schedule anything now, which is making the publishing system useless.

  8. Can someone from please escalate this issue? obviously it is affecting numerous users.

  9. same problem here using chrome, it isn't affected in firefox or explorer as of this typing.

  10. quotenschreiber

    same problem (chrome). There were as well problems of readers reported, who coudl not comment with their nick anymore during the last days. DonĀ“t change a working system!

  11. I use Safari. I don't think it is browser related.

  12. 'm having the same problem, which I posted about on another thread.

    Shrunken input boxes when using Google Chrome?

  13. Some problem, chrome.

  14. Just scheduled a post and this problem seems to have been has reverted back to the previous system

  15. Awesome. Looks like its now working fine on Chrome again! Time to schedule some posts!

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