Monthly Calendar 2011 Theme – Is it working correctly?

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    Is the monthly calendar / archive working correctly on 2011. Shouldn’t the arrow take you to the calendar for the previous month, and then the previous month and so on? When you click on the arrow next to May, you just get the posts for May. You don’t have the option to click back through the various months. That doesn’t seem to be how it worked on other themes and it doesn’t seem very functional. People just get stuck in May instead of being able to click through the calendar to previous months. Is that how it’s supposed to be? Thanks! Sandra

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    The calendar in 2011 does work strangely. Typically the previous and next month arrows that take you to the next or previous month at at the sides of the displayed month’s name. I hope they can add those in as the way it is now it not as useful as it should be.


    Check this video:

    That’s the way the calendar widget works, and you do get previous/next tabs. You only find it strange because you put it in your footer, so you lose sight of the calendar when the archive page is fetched.


    OK, Panos. You are right. It works in the sidebar, but not the footer. I don’t understand the logic of that. Should a widget work in both places? Or am I being too logical?


    The widget works exactly the same no matter where you put it. When you click on a date or a month, the archive page for that date or month is loaded. When any new page is loaded, the browser window displays the top of that page. So if the calendar widget is placed in the footer, you’ve got to scroll or jump to the bottom of the page to continue using the widget. So the widget needs to be placed at or near the top of the sidebar.


    Thank you.I get that. The point I was making is that I wasn’t getting the previous and next month’s tabs when I had it in the footer even when I scrolled all the way down to look at it. Maybe the footer is not wide enough or some other strange anomaly. I put it in the sidebar now. As you say, it’s a pain to have to look for it again.


    Maybe you had a browser issue or something: when I first checked your blog the previous/next tabs were there.


    Thanks, something was weird. I put the calendar widget in the middle column instead of the right one and it works. So either I mis-looked, lost my mind or it was the browser!

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