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  1. so.. thinking of moving to montreal to get more experience with my hairstyling...
    i dont speak any french..and im wondering if i have to knowit in order to get a job as an assistant in a

  2. You might want to target your search more specifically. It's doubtful you'll find much relevant information in the technical support forums.

  3. I would try to learn some French. Knowing the language can’t hurt.

  4. Definitely learn French! Moi, je parle français =]
    Although, I recommend knowing that the French-Canadian accent is different than the French accent. Most of the tapes/CDs you'll find with have the French accent, but once you get the hang of it, neither one is hard to understand =] Bonne chance (good luck)!

  5. You don't need French, everyone in Montreal speaks both French and English.

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