More accurate way to keep track of visitors?

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    Is there a more accurate way to keep track of the visitors to my blog? The pageviews thing seems weird because it will show things like “10 Views from Greenland” but there was really only 1 referral registered, and that 1 person from greenland (or perhaps it was a cousin of the Yeti) apparently just had their finger stuck on the “refresh” button. Plus readers from the Reader page apparently don’t show up.

    I’m just trying to figure out ways to make my blog easier to find/where my traffic is coming from. (what little traffic I have, anyway :P)./

    The blog I need help with is


    I use statcounter for my blog. Because of WordPress policy, I never see the referring links to my blog. Using what comes with WP and Statcounter, I can figure out where some of my visitors come from.



    I’m not clear on whether or not you have read the site stats entry so I’m posting the link for you >

    We can use thrid party visitor tracking on provided we use the non-Javascript codes. If you scroll down to “Visitor Tracking” on this page you will find all the ones I have reviewed. I was suing use sitemeter prior to the site stats being developed and have continued to use it since.



    I have read the stats entry, that is why I was asking about alternative methods – the default stats system is…unsatisfactory to me.

    timethief, thanks for the link but that is a ton of reading for me to do right now (busy day!) so I will have to get back to that later.



    You’re welcome.

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