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    Many of my posts are quite long (about two times screen height for msot people) and with five entries per page. It’s good reading though, however I felt I should use the “More” feature which is shown when writing an entry. However, the “More…” feature just puts a link to send a comment. How do I get it to show just the first paragraph and then link to the full post for those interested?

    Also, does using the WordPress software (and hosting it myself) mean the blog is not featured in the WordPress Blogs directory? Thanks for your help.




    it shouldn’t be a link to make a comment, it should go straight to the rest of your post. maybe you could try editing it and see if it’s still doing it. for your second q, sorry no clue..




    We would really need to see an example of this in action. I don’t see this currently on your blog.

    The ‘more’ button should put something like <!--more--> into your post text. What’s before that is what’s displayed on the index page and you click through to see what’s the rest of the post.

    Not sure what you mean by the WordPress Blogs directory. If you’re talking about the Tags system, then the answer is no. They are completely seperate currently but that might change in the future. That listing is only for blogs hosted here at WP.com



    The “more…” feature is working now, it must have been some bug in the code causing the wrong link, but it’s ok now and my index page is a little easier to handle.

    I thought that there was some directory. Not a public directory, just something where blogs are listed so that search engines can find them. Is that not true?

    Also would my Blog URL be changed if I use the software? Can I have the URL anything I want using the software? I’ve had a look on WordPress.org but can’t see the answers anywhere.

    Thanks for your help.



    I thought that there was some directory.

    Just the tag system. :)

    Your URL would change as well. You would have to purchase a domain for your own use. Your host can help you with that.

    Good luck,

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