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More attractive/enticing?

  1. Hi, how can I make my blog more enticing/attractive? Please take a look:

    Newbie needs motivation....

    It´s still new and will add to it again shortly. Please comment/follow as appropriate.

    Many thanks :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,
    I have flagged this thread so it is moved to the Off-Topic Forum where other members can give you some advice on blog improvement.

  3. ok thanks timethief.

  4. invisiblemikey

    I do beg pardon for questioning your motives, whitelily, but all I have to go on is what you have posted. You say you are interested in topics like travel and animals, but all you have on your site is attempts to sell real estate, and the name of your site is "".

    When you state your intents on a blog as one thing, then do another thing (selling), it is highly unattractive in general and is actually offensive to readers. You are entitled to use your site to sell your personally-owned real estate, within certain limits of the Terms of Service. Just don't pretend you are doing something else, like writing a blog.

  5. Dear invisiblemikey. I am new to WP... you will see under the Recent Posts there is a new post called "Newbie needs motivation". I am still learning how this whole thing works. I will find out how to change this. The property is actually my and my family´s own private property HOWEVER I want to use the blog for exactly what I originally wrote ie travel (actually the property is in country/ies foreign to my native land) and it will also include topics about photography and animals.

    I am trying to find a way (and think of another new site title but haven´t come up with it) so give me a chance. I don´t quite agree when you say it´s "offensive".

    You don´t know me, you can´t say that I´m pretending to do something else. That´s not true.

    ... motivation, huh?

  6. Make it more pretty? You can put THIS photo of me on it free of charge, the ladies will be flocking to your site...

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