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more bloglog vsitor pics

  1. how do I add more bloglog visitor pictures. When I got mine I only had 5. Ive seen people with many!

  2. i thought you had to pay for that... but i have not logged in mybloglog for ages. =P

  3. You would think that they would put up some public FAQ pages or something. :(

    I actually have this on my todo list for a WPMu install later today. (I've got to get some breakfast first before I start) I'll poke around and see if I can verify that.

  4. As far as I recall, they're pretty responsive if you email them, so give that a go if you need to know immediately.

  5. A dotcom responsive? Don't they understand the Technorati way of doing things? ;)

  6. Apparently not. They may have sold out to VCs and fired everyone competent since I last talked to them, though.

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