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"More" button and problems with Blog Stats

  1. 1. I am bloggin since September and for the first time i am facing this: the "more" button does not work, if I want to cut a text nobody can see the rest of the text! So I have to keep this post in its complete length which is not very comfortable. Another post of today went withot any problems!
    2. The second strange thing about this last post is that in the Blog States I can not see that this last post (it is in Russian) has been read at all - though I know for sure that many people has already seen it! VERY STRANGE...
    Thánks for clearing this up!

  2. (1) Have you tried typing in the more tag code itself, rather than using the more button?
    more - <!--
    (2) I cannot help you with this problem, hopefully staff will have the time to address this after they read this post.

  3. thanks but what is this "more tag code"? What I do is I use this button on teh editing board, and I did not know there is another one. Where?

  4. @Podz
    *humour* Can you hear me banging my head on the computer screen? I can't explain what it is with me failing to relate to and recall icon 13. :(
    Perhaps it's because I turned off tiny MCE and I'm accustomed to typing in the more tag manually "more - <!--read more-->" *lol* ;D

  5. timethief: even with the rich text editor off there is still a more button in the editor...

  6. ahem ... I know I just never use it so I always forget it exists.

  7. very useful button though, it is.

  8. I just type it myself...

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