More Control Over "Likes" and Followers?

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    On the Support Board, there are fairly frequent questions about how to delete Likes and/or Followers for one reason or another. The standard answer seems to be that it can’t be done.

    Is there a reason for that?

    Why can’t Admins act to remove or disallow certain things?


    Or, I guess to make this an Idea, the questions could be reformatted somehow.


    Hi I just posted a similar question and got sent a link to this discussion. I asked if there is a way of deleting or blocking certain followers from your blogsite which I personally think you should be able to do. You can do similar things in YouTube and LinkedIn. I think this is definately something which Word Press should consider developing. I think that emails should be sent initially to the owner of the blogsite to verify whether you want to accept the person to follow you ot not. At the moment I am sent no email even to say that someone is following me. I hope this is something that Word Press improves.


    I know I have suggested this in the past. I ended up disabling “likes” for posts, since I could not moderate them but there are other ways people can like, which overrides our settings/wishes. At least the undesirable ones are not visible to my readers any more.

    I’ve just learned to live with the followers, but it would be great if I could remove those I’d rather not have. It’s one thing to have a blog public, which they could see, but it is another to have your posts go to their inbox, if they use email notifications. I don’t post about my personal life, so I suppose it isn’t a big deal…

    Many of them appear to just want hits to their site, not once making an effort to communicate on my blog. I suspect the same is true for the “likes”. Unless they leave a comment, I rarely visit their sites.



    how do you disable likes?



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