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More copyright issues

  1. Hello, I am once again having copyright issues, only this time it's on a non-wordpress site, in fact, I think it is a self hosted site, I am very tired of everyone copying me and am ready to file a lawsuit almost. I have copyright, but everyone seems to make there own version of my widget, however, this person is advertising the widget for wordpress blogs, maybe you could force it's removal from those blogs? It's funny how after I created my widget everyone copies me.
    The hosting site is:
    And the evil wordpress site is:
    And my original version is:
    Thank you, I will be filing a DMCA takedown notice soon but do you have any ideas how I can prevent it next time?

  2. Key masters please don't close this I need ideas.

  3. i see that your widget is being used a lot, it's pretty popular. you should really make a legal copyright about that. and if you are getting any more trouble, report to WordPress whenever you see things that they copied from you.
    See ya,

  4. Yes I DO have a copyright on it, only people still copy it.

  5. But orbvab, shouldn't you be proud of yourself now that it is proven that you have contributed something that so many people recognise as valuable? How many downloads have you had? This is something to brag about!

  6. 0 downloads, it is a piece of code. And people are copying me!

  7. I hate copycats! I worked hard to create that and people copy me.
    To answer your question, I think it is on about 50 blogs. Not sure though.

  8. So much of what you use is freeware. Your blog, penguin stuff, widgets, picture, games, videos and much more and then some. It all came with tons of permissions to do what ever you want. And now you won't contribute your own work?

  9. No, see I have copyright on that, but everyone is making there own version of mine, I am totaly fine if they use mine, but when they copy me and make th're own it makes me mad.. I made it first and I have copyright on it.

  10. See it works like this, I created a widget to be mass distributed and to help people, but some people copy me by making the're own and hence harming the popularity of mine and infringing on my copyright.

  11. It's not the way things work. If you could not copy an idea the world would one have had one blog: the first one. Some ideas can't be copyrighted.

  12. Actualy, copyright expires after 10 years, but no one had one before I did, and they are so simular.

  13. well, yes, report to WordPress and make sure noone uses your widgets.

  14. You don't know what I copy right is. You can't copy right an idea. You'd need like, a patent for that.


  16. Not all things can be copyrighted. You can't copyright the phenomenon book. Because if you could only one man in the whole wide world could print books. You can however copyright a specific book. Can you see the difference, wiidude?

    You can't stop people from using you idea for similar widget.

  17. Software can be copyrighted. Windows is, Mac OS is, MS Office and all its programs are. Widget code, if it is original, and created by you can be copyrighted.

  18. On top of that there is an other problem. The widget that orbvab made is contains a picture of a book that orbvab did not make. That picture was made by Club Penguin and belongs to them. You can't claim copyrights for someone elses work. That is illegal.

  19. Here is what I am going to do, I will let wordpress staff decide if you broke copyright, I will just wait and see if your blog is suspended. That way we can settle this.

  20. Actually, I don't claim copyright for the image, the idea and the code.

  21. But actually I CAN see why you protest this, orbvab. You have my sympathy.

  22. Let me put it like this, a blog can't be copyrighted because otherwise no one(Exept the copyrighter) could have one, but everyone can use my widget, so it is fair that I should have a copyright.

  23. Blog themes can be copyrighted and if WordPress wanted to, they could copyright WordPress. Whether others could use it, and how they could use it would be defined in the licensing agreements and terms of use. MS Office is copyrighted, but people use it everyday to create their own copyrighted documents, and their documents do not belong to MS.

  24. Yes, that is what I'm saying, it should be copyrighted, but people can still use it, just they shouldn't steal my idea, what about this, example, Metriod prime hunters, game music, senerio, and charicters copyright nintendo, SENERIO, that is aka idea of the game.

  25. Just as I am copyrighting my idea of a pin widget.

  26. i'd like to ask orbvab, since when u had that pin widget of yours.

  27. i've told people about your widgets being used, and they've gotten it off their page. wmist and bmist said sorry.

  28. For like I dont know

  29. I guess it doesnt matter.

  30. Well I think like 3 pins.

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