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More copyright issues

  1. I see why you're mad, but I made my own widget on a program, and used my other website to create a page with it on it and a code. I really didn't violate anything. I will definitely admit that the idea to make it was from you. I made my widget though.

  2. But It's ok, I will just wait, your server has such low bandwidth that it will crash soon.

  3. You still violated my copyright.

  4. Why can't you just take it down? I work hard on thinking of ideas for my widgets.

  5. Lots of people have a widget like that. Some are exactly like yours. Others are just very, very, very similar.

  6. They should be exactly like mine, I want people to use it, just not copy it and make the're own.

  7. i believe mike92 had his pin widget longer than yours. what da ya think?

  8. Mike 92? Let me see.

  9. many people do! Neither me, nor the other people, have violated a copy right!

  10. Alot of people do that kind of thing, that is a picture of club penguin on the sidebar, not a widget, mine is more than a picture, it is a widget that people can use, he must change the code every new pin, I use the same code. Alot of people do THAT, mine is a real widget, not an image so to speak. They are so differnt I don't know why you would bring it up. His is not a widget.

  11. You violated it, mike did not and neither did I, mine is different, the IDEA is diffent. Mine is a widget, what you violated is not an image showing the pin, you violated this; yours is a copy of mine, mine is a box with a picture of the pin and the location, when you click mine it goes to a page with the widget code, mine updates without changing the code, mine can be on other blogs, same for yours. Alot of people have pin picture on their sidebar, no one other than people who use mine (And your copy) has a pin widget like this.

  12. his IS a widget. it is on the sidebar, has an image to where the pin is.

  13. No, it is an image, a widget has a function. His is JUST an image, mine is not.

  14. Let's put it this way, you admitted to copying me, mine is not a copy of mikes nor anyone else's, copying is illegal.

  15. Here give up:

    Similarities between mikes and mine:
    1.Shows pin, allot of peoples posts do that also

    Similarities between yours and mine:
    1.Shows pin,
    2.A box with a picture of the pin,
    3.Shows pin location in text,
    4.Links to a page with code of widget,
    5.Can be on multiple blogs,
    6.Updates without changing code

    See? Mine is not a copy!!! YOUR'S IS!

  16. Who added that tag? Good grief you have to be 13 to get an email and you need an email to create a blog.

  17. i have no idea what u said.

  18. Look at the top, another one.

  19. Look way at the top, it says tags, look and see what tags people added. How rude.

  20. If I made my widget a circle, would it not be copy righting?

  21. not that i copied anything in a copy right!

  22. It still would be a copy, still a box, kinda thing, boxes can be circles. And I clearly had a copyright on the bottom of the page.

  23. This is not a issue.

    If someone has copied your work without permission, send them a DMCA notice. If you can't be bothered doing that, why would you expect anyone else to solve your problem for you?

  24. Because I don't want to have to file a DMCA notice, I don't want anyone suspended, I just want it off the blog.

  25. If I have to file one I will, but I want to try and resolve this peacefully first.

  26. Actually when I said a non-wordpress site I meant the widget was hosted on a non-wordpress site, not the blog. Sorry for causing any confusion!

  27. Then resolve it peacefully with the person who has used your widget. Posting here won't help that.

    You can't copyright a circle.

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