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    I’m helping my wife re-design her blog, and we purchased the Custom Upgrade feature. She remarked how few of the fonts offered in the selection are feminine. She’s interested in calligraphy fonts, and from what I know of her, tasteful and elegant fonts with a feminine touch. Any plans to offer more fonts geared for women?

    The blog I need help with is




    @TT I believe with the new upgrade option the fonts available are the fonts via the type kit font editor via the design dashboard….

    Staff removed the old option for type kit that required a generated user code… Support document about the new → font options

    I’m already using Typekit fonts on my blog. How will the Custom Design upgrade affect me?
    You can still make changes to your Typekit fonts, but only via the website — like before, as long as you don’t change your “Kit ID” — the number that ties your account to Typekit. If you want to change that later you’d need to upgrade, but you can leave it as is if you’re happy with your fonts and don’t mind managing them on Purchasing the upgrade would give you access to the visual font preview and chooser tools, so you can apply the fonts right from your dashboard.

    If you choose to stay as you are, you’ll be grandfathered in forever.



    @timethief, the calligraphy fonts you pointed us to are really nice. But how do I get them to show within the font menu available to us in the Custom Design area?

    @sl1k, any advice for me? Are you saying I can somehow make other fonts available to me by going to the Typekit website and assigning other fonts to my kit ID? Because I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do that. After all, I’m already paying $30/year for the Custom Design feature.




    Unfortunately I believe the only fonts that can be used are the ones found via the font editor

    The quoted text in my above reply is referring the old type kit set up via

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