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more hits?

  1. I was wondering if this website ( has any type of feature that helps me bring in more hits to my blog. I'm writing a fictional blog that acts as a precursor to the novel I'm writing, so obviously it's a little important to me to have a bunch of hits. ;P Any suggestions?


  2. you just tell all your friends and you post on the forums a lot. Whats your novel about?

  3. What's it about... hmmm. Well I haven't actually stopped to make a short summarized version of what it is... but basically, you have one man, in the midst of an apocalyptic war between two sides (the good and the bad) who must battle not only Hell's demons, but his own.

  4. I've already read it. I liked it.

  5. ah, so you were the one ;p I'll add ya to my blogroll

  6. Whenever I need another hit, I just tell Pookie to "puff, puff, pass."

    Nah, in all seriousness there are some good posts here in the FAQ section about the basics of generating traffic. It's all about networking and making sure you take advantage of the blog networks that let you pimp your posts. Beyond that I suppose it's search engine juice - so choose some good tags/categories to get seen, and then post quality stuff frequently.

    When all else fails, make Dustin Diamond references - that's always worked for me. :-)

  7. Hit me hard I'll just kill you! (joke)

  8. I loved it! :D

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