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    I like knoiski’s idea and the graphic was helpful too. He articulated the tag/category concept so much better than I did and engtech summed it up so sweetly. But a change has already been made and you can read all about it here



    So long as ‘they’ leave the bottom 14 on my dashboard.



    I’m leaning very strongly towards engtech’s idea presented above.



    Thanks for pointing that out, TT. Personally, the “top blog/fast growing blogs” are not really attractive to the “eye”, something is missing there, I don’t know maybe it’s just me but IMO, is becoming a really BIG community, people chooses this platform because it’s very organized/professional looking service.

    So why not pick a TOP worthy BLOG every week/month in a more professional way? Check around here and see how blogs are being quoted.



    Each tag has a featured “blog” (should read post). I like this feature.

    Ignoring blogs is an intriguing idea.



    well, i guess this discussion is fruitful now that wordpress did listen to drmike and co and came up with a different top blogs display.



    I also appreciate the featured blog and get a thrill out of seeing my own featured from time to time.

    Now as for … Ignoring blogs is an intriguing idea.

    I love a cheeky man with a sense of humour. And I hope you’re finding this funky community amusing. We’re so diverse and ao perverse that we are truly unique and worth celebrating.

    A toast to the whole blogging community [I say]. We’re perhaps the only one in cyber space with enough moxy to seek to develop the most ignored blogs of the day list [now that ought to really stir the pot, she snickered]. ;)



    How about 5 (or 10) picked randomly from the top 100 (or 200) blogs? Or how about featuring MY blog one day a week. :) (Just joking! sheesh)



    For April 1st, set it up so that the #1 spot shows the blog of anyone who is logged in.



    Random from the top 100-200 sounds good but until I’m sure that my blog will make the cut I’m not commiting myself. I assume you will want verification that you make the cut first tto, eh? ;)

    I absloutely love it! Sweet – everyone will be able to take a screenshot for posterity. *lol*



    I just wrote a post about this very issue. I even make a suggestion as to what I think could be done. A list for the rest of us, that is minus the “A-List” factor.

    See the post here:

    Even Scoble has something to say about it:



    I think this is an even better solution. The ability to act as a community to choose the best posts using

    Direct link to the request on, you can vote it up by creating an account at reddit



    Another thing to join? Isn’t Techorati, TLB, Pingoat, and WordPress enough?

    I think “most viewed” speaks for itself. Viewing IS voting. Evaluating quality isn’t something I think a large group is good at; if that were the case, the New Yorker would outsell US Weekly. Large groups are good at evaluating popularity. Small groups are called committees and aren’t good at anything, in my extensive committee-serving experience.

    When it comes to evaluating quality, I prefer a strongly opinionated, critical individual.



    IMO the top blogs are in no way endangered or even affected by a second popularity poll being introduced or by randomization. That’s not the point and never has been. The “most viewed” blogs are the most viewed by the blogosphere and public at large. The “most popular blogs/posts as determined by wordpress bloggers” would be just that – so, where’s the rub?

    I place absolutely no faith in popularity polls. If I did I would have to believe:
    (1) the habitual purchasers of the National Enquirer are really only buying it for the excellent photography;
    (2) the habitual purchasers of porno magazines are really only buying them to read the articles.

    Sensationalism, sex, bathroom humour, and gutter language are all things that speak to the “lower man”. I have witnessed all of these in blogs that racked up high enough statistics to put them into the most popular or top blogs but that doesn’t make them “quality” publications in my eyes. The most outstanding example I can think of is the two line post with the link to porno tube that racked up stats for weeks on end. More recent examples I’ve witnessed are a top blog that consists entirely of mediocre photographs of big breasted women, another that consists primarily of youtube embeds, and a third written by a person who used the *f* word in so many different ways in the titles in his listed most recent and top posts that I didn’t bother to read any of his blog posts.

    That’s why I don’t support a second wordpress popularity poll any more than I support the one that already exists.

    Frankly my dear bloggers [she said with a mischieveous grin] “I don’t give a damn what you may say, I’m gonna keep blogging any old way.”



    So I went and got a community voting site created. Let’s see what happens.



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