More likes than hits?

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    How is it that I can have more likes than hits on a post ?
    According to both the 48-hour graph at the top of the page and the blog stats for the page in question (or the whole blog for that matter) there were no hits during the period since posting. Yet I have 2 likes, and emails to confirm.
    Admittedly I am still within 24 hours of posting so could it be that stats are not finalised for the day yet (I doubt it but I thought I’d ask)?
    I noticed this a couple of months ago too but I think the hit count is now higher than the likes but I’m afraid this gives me little confidence in the stats overall.

    Can anyone explain this, please?



    The blog I need help with is



    People don’t need to physically visit your blog to click like, they can do it from their reader on the main page, just because you have a like it doesn’t mean they necessarily read what you’ve posted.


    Ah, so they can! That would account for it, then. This particular piece was only a few lines so it’s highly likely.
    I also realise they can still click to my other post, see there are 3,000 words of over-verbosity to read/ignore and hit like anyway. :)


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