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More link on stats summary page please

  1. On the stats summary pages only the top numbers appear. Sometimes it is good to know what posts etc garnered the lowest numbers. Can these stats pages have a more link or display all or something of that nature since the data is available anyways why not let us look at all of it? Thanks

  2. Just click on a title of type of stats you want to see (eg. Refers, Clicks) and you'll see more stats.

  3. Thanks that is the page I was referring to that doesn't give the complete listings. The listings when they are very long are cut off after a certain number. For example in the opening page when I click on Clicks and then on that Clicks page click on All Time in the Summary line it does not give a complete list. It is Summarized with the top items only.

    What I am suggesting to the WordPress team in this Ideas section is that a More or Display All link appear at the bottom of that summary.

    In this fashion:

    Dashboard Stats page--> Stats Summary page (ie clicks)-->Stats Complete page

    The statistics are kept (or else the summary pages etc wouldn't be valid) so adding the third level to complete the list via a more link would not be difficult.

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