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    On the stats summary pages only the top numbers appear. Sometimes it is good to know what posts etc garnered the lowest numbers. Can these stats pages have a more link or display all or something of that nature since the data is available anyways why not let us look at all of it? Thanks



    Just click on a title of type of stats you want to see (eg. Refers, Clicks) and you’ll see more stats.



    Thanks that is the page I was referring to that doesn’t give the complete listings. The listings when they are very long are cut off after a certain number. For example in the opening page when I click on Clicks and then on that Clicks page click on All Time in the Summary line it does not give a complete list. It is Summarized with the top items only.

    What I am suggesting to the WordPress team in this Ideas section is that a More or Display All link appear at the bottom of that summary.

    In this fashion:

    Dashboard Stats page–> Stats Summary page (ie clicks)–>Stats Complete page

    The statistics are kept (or else the summary pages etc wouldn’t be valid) so adding the third level to complete the list via a more link would not be difficult.

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