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    Okay, this should be a lot simpler than what I am reading: I only want to write my blogs once. There will be cases (Such as stuff only going to the public, or not necessary for my friends to see) that would be WordPress-exclusive, and things important only to my friends and family that will only go to my MySpace and Facebook friends. Personally, I’d prefer to use WordPress and export the results to MySpace and Facebook – especially since Facebook has a handy-dandy feature to allow for just such a practice: import-by-RSS. WordPress has something similar, but not quite there: News feed widgets that import the RSS, but not directly as blog postings, unfortunately.

    Is there a way for WordPress to directly import as blog postings an RSS Feed? This would uncomplicate my blogging life, since those that are pretty general and to everyone including my friends (which are the bulk of my postings) would then only need to be posted by one to make it onto all three – thus only necessitating the need for those that fall into the realms described. Thanks.

    P.S. I did read a few posts – first, I’m on a Mac, so if you’re going to suggest scripts or programs, bear in mind that this is what I normally use. (Also bear in mind that I often use the library, and as such, do not wish to use external programs to do this.) Second, I’ve already looked into the other solutions – this seems to be the best since it already works in one way.

    P.P.S. there are a few that pop up on occasion when I mention that I use a Mac, so let me say this: I didn’t come here to start a stupid and pointless debate about which tool is better – it has never matter which tool you use to get the job done, so long as the job is done the way it is supposed to be at the time it is supposed to be done at. Save your debates for a Mac-Vs.PC. forum, not my posting. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    No, autoposting to by things like RSS is disabled, as it is a typical spammer’s tool. Also, it will absolutely slaughter you in the search engine rankings, since every search engine will throw you down a well because they, too, assume you are a spammer.

    I find it easier to post at WordPress and use Getsocial to post to Facebook, and ALSO use the Networked Blogs app at Facebook to import my posts as snippets there. That doesn’t hurt anything in search engines. I expect Myspace has something similar.



    I don’t care much about search engines, since hardly anyone reads what I have to say anyway. The spamming thing, on the other hand, I don’t much care for.

    Facebook already has an impressive tool built-in for its notes: It reads the RSS you send to it for creating notes. Hence, I’d easily be able to use the RSS from here to update – if MySpace only had the same option.

    I’m sure there has to be a better option – it’ stupid and senseless that, because of a bunch of greedy and idiotic Spammers that we have to cut and paste. What BS!



    I’ve tried Notes, and I prefer Networked Blogs; it works with greater reliability.

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