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"More" (page continuation) Smiley Face

  1. The last issue on this was in January and it wasn't the same as what I'm seeing.

    If I decide to split the post and use the "More" notation, I'm getting a smiley face.

    I didn't have it this morning or at any other time prior to about an hour ago.

    What is causing this? I haven't changed anything (yeah, yeah, I know you hear that all the time but I haven't changed anything in CSS, I can't).

  2. Same problem here mate...looks a bit odd doesn't it.

  3. javajabber

    Thank you for reporting this. I have filed ticket 3222.

    Disable smilies in or use another theme that does not use "(more...)" for the more text.

    Should not be long before it is fixed though.

  4. Thanks foolswisdor...shall wait for the fix

  5. Okay, did that. It's gone. Strange place for one to show up since there's no chance I could have put an emoticon there!

    Should I mark it as resolved?????

  6. theruralpatriot

    Just curious if the fix was made because it is still showing up on my site: The Rural Patriot.

    I was quite surprised to see it today!

  7. Are you guys leaving the "more" tag unedited? I always add in Read more and my post today doesn't have the smiley. Or perhaps it is theme dependent?

  8. I've never edited my "more" tag.

    I've had the same theme for 3 months. It just started to show up yesterday.

    I've used the "more" page continuation tag many times ... this has never happened before.

    I did as I was told by foolswisdor and it's gone for now.

    I still don't know if I should tag this resolved because it might be for me, but not for others.

    Any advice?

  9. Still awaiting a fix

  10. I know it's annoying but my advice is to use the workaround staff member (foolswisdom) provided and be patient.

  11. I did the fix. I'm patient. I don't have a problem with that.

    I just wanted to know if I should mark this as resolved or not.

    I guess I'll let foolswisdom decide.

    The only reason I asked three times is because no one answered me.

    I hate to leave things unresolved in the forum.

  12. It hasn't been resolved yet for me. I use the Regulus theme and haven't edited the CSS.

    Where it used to say (more) it now says (moreĢ· ;)

    This has happened on new and old posts alike, and also shows up on the RSS thread for the new posts.

    Not a huge issue, but strange that it's only just happened. I haven't changed my theme for ages... maybe I should!

  13. Same here ... that's why I knew it was totally strange. All of a sudden, there it was!

    Okay, then I'll leave it open for now.

  14. I have a similar problem whenever I use an "8" followed by a )--for example in a date--I get a smiley. This has only just occurred--in all my old posts.
    The posted link: did not offer me the option of disabling smilies. I'm using the Neat! theme. My blog is at:


  15. @h0bbes
    The reason the link above did not work for you is that it is to javajabbers blog rather than yours.
    -> dasboard -> options -> writing - > formatting (find the check box for emoticons and uncheck it) -> update options

  16. This should now be fixed. Thank you so much for your patience and helping us understand the problem more fully.

  17. All fixed for me now. Thanks very much!

  18. Thanks for the clarity. I'm smiley free & only a little embarrassed about my silliness in following a link incorrectly. My excuse is that it was late at night!

  19. theruralpatriot

    It is fixed for me now, also. Thank you for taking care of the problem.

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