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more pages to "my comments' section?

  1. I'm new to blogging and wordpress, and I noticed the my comments on the dashboard shows a thread of my comments and other peoples responses that I left on other blogs. However, it seems to only list the last few commnets that I left. Is there a page 2, 3, 4, etc like in comments section of my personal blog?

    I can't remember some of the places that I had discussions going and I just wanted to go back and check

  2. Afraid not. It just shows the last ten or so for each time period. (ie today, yesterday, last week, etc.)

    You may want to try a service like and see if that works for you.

  3. Do you have a free cocomment account yet?
    If so then all your comments will be available to you, regardless of which blogs hosted by whatever host you post them on. If not then what you see is what you get.

  4. no, i've never heard of cocomment, I'll check it out, thanks for the info drmike and timethief.

  5. Not a problem. :)

  6. You're welcome.

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