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More "Pages" Widgets?

  1. At my blog,, I am always in conflict on the desision to add more pages, and so are a lot of other people. Nobody wants a long page list, because then the viewers may become over welmed by it's size and not click anything. I would like to have 2 or more pages widgets available. Just like with text boxes. You can use the, "Exclude this page" part to take out the pages in the first widget.

  2. Awesome Idea! I totally support that 100%! I am always in conflict like you. It would really help for bloggers with problems like that! I struggle daily with things like that.

  3. I hope our ideas can work for the best.

  4. Well, you could use a text widget and code the pages links by hand.

  5. or you might use parent pages to give the navigation some structure and/or use less pages and the nextpage tag to divide the content into several pages not appearing in the navigation.

  6. Vivianpaige, when you make a text box by hand it doesn't look as nice. It's underlined and over sized.

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