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    I am in the process of building a site here on WordPress where I wish to put 3 different blogs trees under 1 homepage. I had a lot of help from community members to find my way in how to this. (
    But, still more questions.

    I write in 3 languages and have created a menu with those languages. Under each of these menus I have placed the names of the 3 subjects I write about, basically 3 blogs per language (
    For English this would be
    Language: English, Subjects(Categories) Gaming, Computers and databases, Miscellaneous.

    When I add a post I basically add 2 categories: the name of the language and the category under the language. For English this would be for instance English>Gaming. However, with every post in the Categories EVERY category ever used is visible. I wonder if I can do this with the WordPress facilities?
    Another thing I am not happy with is the listing of recent postings next to the post. I see EVERY post of the current month(I guess) and I would like to restrict this to only posts in the categories to which the current post belongs. This then would list only the English posts next to the current post if this was English, only the German posts next to a German post, the same for the Dutch tree. At the bottom of a post the distinct categories to which the post belongs are listed, so the meta-data is there somewhere.

    I notice I can have more blogs under my account. I’m guessing things would be much easier if I would put each language-tree in its own blog. But could I then tie the tree different blogs into one homepage? The whole point is to have one starting point for the different languages my blogs are written in.


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. In a nutshell, it’s not possible to restrict the homepage list of latest post to one single category. However, you can set a static front page:

    This being said, in my opinion, creating three blogs (one for each language) would be the best solution indeed. You could then create links to the German and Dutch blogs by placing a widget or a menu link on the English blog (and so on).



    Tnx for answering. I’m inclined to go to 3 different blogs.

    Tnx again.



    You’re welcome.



    “However, with every post in the Categories EVERY category ever used is visible.”
    >> Im sorry but it doesnt look so clear what you’re saying.

    To me it appears that if you’ve posted something in English> Gaming … Both English, Gaming are shown as Categories at the bottom of the page. Well that’s true, but you dont seem to like it.

    In that case, I think you should not opt for Nested Categories as you’ve done right now but make each categories separate and use Custom Menu’s ability to nest these categories in your navigation. This way you reduce the labour of creating three different blogs.

    Check out this support article

    And nest separate categories in the Menu and make them behave separately.

    If Im unclear, may be write down the issue again and we might be able to help. Cheers!



    No, what I mean it this:

    at the bottom the 2 categories I used for this post are mentioend, and this is OK. However, on the side EVERY category is mentioned, with EVERY post ever written. I would like to see here only the categories used with the post, as is shown at the bottom.
    Each post will get only categories, the language and the subject, i.e. English and Gaming, Nederlands en Spelletjes, Deutsch and Spielerei.

    But I think this problem will solve itself if I indeed am going to use seperate blogs for the different languages.

    Ynx for answering though


    I see,

    That is, if you’re browsing through English> Gaming Posts, you do not want other categories with () to show in the sidebar.

    You can easily do that by making a category not to appear in the sidebar by tweaking in Posts> Categories … But the issue is, you want that happen to Deutsch and other parent categories too.

    Its unfortunate, freehansje, but you have to Edit CSS for it. Or better, write three blogs and use the same theme, while pointing Custom Links in the Menu to other blogs. It vitually feels like the same one. Haha.


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