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    Would users like to post some fiendishly complicated CSS questions please? The helpers are getting restless. :)



    How about answering the ones already there?


    I don’t know how CSS works. That is why I do not ask. But I would like to change a few things.

    How do I change the width on my blog? It is a bit too narrow for my taste.

    The letters in the headlines on my post are too big. How do I reduce the letter size?

    The categories that I archive my posts in are shown under the headline of the post. I’d like them to show under the post. How do I move it?

    I don’t like the way dates are shown on my posts. Now i says: Published March 5th, 2007

    I would prefer the European way: 05.03.07. I have no need for the word “Published” – thats evidet. How do I change that?

    Or all this in short:

    Where do I find a genius m/f who would to it for me?



    Well there are plenty of guys and girls here who will help. Lets just break this down and try and take one thing at a time. Have you got the CSS upgrade? Do yu know how to find the CSS file and edit it?. If no – do not be shy. Post again and I / we will get you fixed up.


    I don’t know what CSS upgrade it? I haven’t bought any extra features.

    EDIT: now I know. Just forget it.

    I had hoped, it was possible to change the size or the width of the “paper” on the blog. It is too narrow for my taste.

    But I do not have any extra features.


    Did I by the way understand the rules correctly? Can I or can I not change the size or the width of the “paper” on my blog without buying extra features? I would like to use the fact, that many people have bigger pc-screens now a days.

    Sorry, but I am a bit in doubt…



    In order to edit the appearance of our blogs we need to edit the CSS file. That facility is not available to all users. It is available if you purchase the CSS upgrade for $15.


    Thank you. That solves all my problems. No CSS editing.


    Try experimenting with different themes; some are more forgiving than others. I love Freshy and can’t see me switching anytime soon; it seems to allow slightly wider images than I had before.

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