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  1. Hi, I'm a doctor with my own practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. I educate people about weight loss, diabetes, and other health related issues. Not putting this post up as a plug for my blog, but how can I get more followers or people to find my blog? Any suggestions? Check out my blog and let me know what you think!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It makes little difference which niche your blog is in. The amount of traffic your attract is dependent on what you do to promote your blog both within the community and without. Without knowing what strategies you have employed no specific advice can be given.

    When it comes to weight loss you will attract many hits very easily. Some of them, in fact, a considerable number will simply be spammers attempting to post their link on your blog by submitting comments. They set up blogs and they comment on other blogs to drive traffic to their weight loss web sites.

  3. FoodTreeMD: In spite of a shift to online media, I'm not sure that building followers is much different now than it was years and years ago. You need to engage with individuals, build their trust in you, and they will evangelize for you. These are your top supporters. Plastering your URL everywhere WILL help but it will probably be more of what @timethief mentioned -- other people trying to use you for their own promotion.

    That said, there's nothing wrong with plugging your blog on the forums or elsewhere. Just tell people why they should care about you and visit instead of any of the other sites. Then, make the content good enough that they want to come back.

    I offer all the standard recommendations -- Twitter, Yahoo! Answers (e.g. quote your own URL as the resource you used to answer a question in their forums), WordPress forums, blog directories, WebMD (for your speciality in particular), and other trade and general interest communities.

    Good luck.

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    @crashcourseinself, i love your theme i might try it myself to see how it look's, have you ever thought of using the "split content / more" button on your post's,

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